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Third Wave is all about results…Your results. Third Wave is an event and production company providing 3 WAVES of services that Motivate, Educate and Captivate either your customers, clients or employees that work for you.

Your business or company can paddle out on an individual wave of service or ride our BIG WAVE that includes one service of each wave hence the name Third Wave. Our Big Wave combines a motivational speaking session along with a sales training course followed by a test of knowledge in an interactive game show!

The idea behind Third Wave’s BIG WAVE was the combination of structured corporate sales trainings, stand- up comedy shows and improve workshops. Adding interaction with the sales reps along with a comedy flair allowed the participants to not only feel a lot more comfortable but also embrace the lessons being taught at a much faster pace and resonating with them a longer time.

1st Wave: Motivate

Key note speakers, Exciting Event Hosts
and Interactive Mc’s

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2nd Wave: Educate

Sales Trainings, Courses, & Workshops

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3rd Wave: Captivate

Game shows, Comedy shows,
Fashion shows and expos

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1st Wave

Key Note Speakers

We provide Key note speakers who continually keep up with expanding knowledge and perpetually develop new skills to stay relevant and improve day after day. We strive to bring you the thought leaders and success experts, both past and present, and reveal their key ideas and strategies to help you excel in every area of your personal and professional life. We provided a unique window into the lives; practices and philosophies of today’s greatest achievers—top CEOs, revolutionary entrepreneurs and other extraordinary leaders.

Event Hosts

We are proud to represent a variety of intelligent, charismatic personalities for all kinds of special live events and functions. We are able to offer clients a great selection of presenters and event hosts for their live event, product launch, team building workshop, fashion show, awards ceremony, corporate conference, film, TV or video project. Our hosts and presenters can attract more guests to a conference, host a gala dinner, or even help to launch a new product.

Interactive MC’s

Our Professional MC’s will Outline & Execute in Detail all the Information to Ensure your Event, Corporate, Private and/or Special Event Flows Smoothly & Successfully from Start to Finish!
Not just music…but music & interactive fun! Interactive MC’s have become well known in the events industry for a unique style of interacting with the guests at the events that they do instead of just playing music and hoping that people dance we get you involved.

2nd Wave

Sales Training

Third Wave UniversityThird Wave University will combine a powerful and motivating train of thought while teaching successful sales training techniques and best practices and confirming understanding in a fun interactive forum. Seminars are educational, fun and interactive providing any organization with both individual focus emphasizing the value of interpersonal sales skills and courageous leadership along with highly effective teamwork strategies and the tools necessary for obtaining achievable goals.

Courses & Workshops

Top-notch keynote speakers who are the leaders and innovators in their perspective fields present Third Wave courses and workshops.

  • • Presentation Training

    We are here to serve individuals and leaders when they are called upon to speak. We train you on delivering your presentation in a relaxed and professional manner whether your in front of a live audience or on a video.

    Are you the CEO of your company presenting in front of your entire company? Are you a veteran speaker looking to take your speaking to a new level? Are you breaking out into the professional speaking circuit and looking to create a speech that will set you apart? We have the courses your looking for!

  • • Public Speaking

    FEARLESS COMMUNICATORS is a dynamic public speaking coaching business that empowers leaders and change-makers. Our unique methodology arms individuals and teams with the tools to push past their fear of public speaking by embracing the courage of public sharing. We approach the event of sharing at the intersection of mind, body and voice so that participants learn to speak from a place of power as _opposed to a space of panic.

  • • Social Media

    By now it’s clear that social media marketing has become the leading driver of web traffic and sales for most businesses and brands of all sizes. More than ever before, consumers are in direct communication with brands via social media. With a strong social media campaign, a side-hustle business can be turned into a billion dollar enterprise, or a household name can be reduced to an afterthought.

    Third Wave University has aligned with some of the brightest social marketers to deliver you with the the knowledge and resources that will help your business boom with social media.

  • • Marketing & Networking

    Lets find your customers and help them find you!

    We provide effective and affordable marketing services combining digital marketing channels along with traditional marketing for the best return on your investment.

    Our workshops are comprised of motivated, supportive business professionals who are looking to develop strong partnerships and referrals.

    Whether you are launching a new business venture, trying to sustain your current business, or looking to get to the next level, we can help. We are dedicated to you, the betterment of your company and the growth of your business.
    Not only is it important to network, it is vital!

  • • Customer Service

    Being better than your competitors in terms of service isn’t enough! Your customers are comparing you to EVERY experience they have, including those with companies that crush it in terms of service.

    It is our hope that you not only win the customer, but that you also keep them for life!

3rd Wave

Game Shows

Third Wave captures the essence and excitement of TV game shows. We integrate team play and team building skills mixed with audience interaction to perfectly style them into an awesome live performance game show for your team building event or sales training.

We are inspired by game shows. Live performances are different from TV productions and offer exciting possibilities for you and your company. In our game show service, we use our twenty-four years of sales training experience in a game show production. After we get the details of your targets and discuss your goals, we will give you our game show ideas and formulate the perfect game show for your event.

Comedy Shows

Third Wave offers corporate comedians who provide the most hilarious clean corporate comedy entertainment for your company’s conventions, meetings, events. You can be confident that you are getting a highly experienced, content appropriate comedian for your corporate environment.

Our Corporate Comedy Shows can be stand up comedians, improv shows, comedy magicians, musical comedy shows and more. Our comedy shows provide for large corporations, company events, banquets, trade shows and award shows across the United States.

Fashion Shows

Third Wave presents our fabulous Fashion Show Events.
We provide a complete themed set up for any occasion and any season including runway shows, clothing line presentations as well as fundraising events.

We provide an alluring evening where we celebrate Life with PASSION, LAUGHTER, LOVE, & STYLE.

Be prepared to be dazzled & inspired by a fashion show with International men’s and women’s wear designer collections and season styles that are sure impress. An exciting evening where trends and delights await you!

Additional Services

Video Productions

Our video production division continues to offer an extremely high caliber of production at or below market rates. We offer corporate videos, web videos, product videos, TV commercials, live events, legal videos and real estate videos.

  • Demo Reel
  • Sales Quick Tips

Voice-Over Services

Put your best voice forward! We provide professional voice talent for auto attendant greetings, after hour messages and On Hold productions and radio commercials. After all it’s the first voice they hear make it outstanding!

Voice-Over Services Example

Message On-Hold

Character Voices

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